you may punk here (2020)

Another Subculture is a monthly, one-sheet-of-A3-sized listings zine

— on one side: a calendar of (nearly) every “DIY” “punk” gig happening across London; on the other side: reports, interviews, photos & all sorts from all sorts of punks. 500 copies are risographed and distributed at gigs, pubs & venues, record shops & other like-minded places (and online as a free PDF)

— we’ve been doing it for six months (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), had a Christmas break and we’re back in 2020

— punk’s not just an AR Instagram filter, let’s make some racket

— this zine isn’t just me, get involved: submit your gigs for free and get it in the paper

— if you want to submit a written piece, photos, cartoons, puzzles or interviews, please get in contact: – in past issues we’ve had vox pops, crossword puzzles, illustrations and a walk around Yorkshire Sculpture Park

— make your own kind of music, “punk” is a music genre but what that entails is up to you

— find us on social media (@anothersubculture or @thepunkpaper); buy a tote bag, a badge, a zine here

“The NEW WAVE is like a spring clean. You were prepared to throw out the rubbish in your wardrobe and your record collection. So why not chuck out all the prides & prejudices cluttering up your personality???” (Pete Shelley, Plaything #2)