“advent calendar” Issue #6

December 2019 issue out now

Available for FREE at record shops, venues and public places around east, central and south London.

This month: 2010-2019 with Satori, Creg, Reid, Irn Brunette, Powerplant, Ola from Quality Control HQ, Livid and Joe Briggs. There’s also gigs and some NYE escape plans.

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Deadline for Issue #7 (January 2020) is Friday 20th December.

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Another Subculture is a monthly, one-page A3 listings fanzine which sets out to bring together as much DIY punk activity happening in London, every single month. On one side, a calendar full of nights with lineups, prices and where to go; on the other, a newsletter with photos, rants, raves, cartoons and whatever else fits.

After seeing too many events restrict themselves through social network complacency and the need to know the right people, it’s time to make London’s multitude of punky a little more visible – or at least, a little more biodegradable. There’s been some nice feedback so far, and the most telling is from those who have quit Facebook and have found themselves adrift from the pogo – if you feel the same, grab a copy and let us know what you think.

The current plan: 500 copies every month, printed on riso thanks to the good lot at Peckham’s Studio Operative, and distributed as cheaply as possible – for free online, for free where found and for a small donation if you want one in the post. There might be merchandise, there might be a benefit gig or two, let’s see how we go.

Keep in touch: follow @anothersubculture on Instagram or email hello@anothersubculture.co.uk. We will inevitably miss something out, so bookmark the DIY Listings London website for the latest nights and the DIY Punk Database & First Timers if you’re itching to make some music. It was easy, it was cheap…