Get involved:

On the front: a grid of gigs. On the back: everything else. If you want to contribute to Another Subculture in whatever way you see fit (and can be printed on a single side of A3), then please get in touch.

So far we have had gig photos, radio reviews, book recommendations, a crossword puzzle, a screenshot of someone falling into my phone, illustrations and more. There’s plans afoot to print an advice column, advice on bystander intervention, dispatches from recent festivals and all sorts – if you are a punk person and want to get your point across, here’s your chance.

As ever, some caveats. Publication not guaranteed. Please do not send us your press release. For text, keep it to 300 words or less; for photos and anything else keep it relatively compact.

Advertise, subscribe:

  • Submit a classified ad. For £1.50 (via PayPal, click the icon below) we’ll print your for sale notice, bandmates wanted ad, poems, cheat codes, missed connections or whatever fits the scope of the zine. No gig listings, they’re free to submit. 30 words or less, keep it safe for work, otherwise anything goes. Click this PayPal button and put your ad in the description:
  • Take out an advert. If you are a business or friendly concern, we have a couple of ad spots. £10 to 30 per issue on a sliding scale gets you a space on the front. Email if you’re interested.

All of this is entirely optional – copies will always be free and available all kinds of places, and I highly recommend printing off bootleg copies when your boss isn’t looking. The above options help with paying printing and server costs, and the goal is to get compensating contributors and upping the print run in future issues.