Another Subculture

xerox music, again (2020)

March issue out now

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Spring’s nearly sprung, so go to one of fifty gigs. On the other side: photos from Sean Haughton, DIY wrestling and the perils of 2000s indie.

With thanks to Sean, Creg, Reid, everyone who submitted an event and Studio Operative for the risograph magic.

Print copies wil start filtering through during Static Shock Weekend 2020, and we’re not joking about the Soulseek chatroom. Order a copy today to avoid disappointment!

The deadline for April submissions (for both events and back page contributions) is Friday 20st March 2020.

Another Subculture is a monthly, one-sheet-of-A3-sized listings zine

— on one side: a calendar of (nearly) every “DIY” “punk” gig happening across London; on the other side: reports, interviews, photos & all sorts from all sorts of punks. 500 copies are risographed and distributed at gigs, pubs & venues, record shops & other like-minded places (and online as a free PDF)

— we’ve been doing it for nine months (2019: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6; 2020: #1), and keep wondering about whether to do an all-dayer

— punk’s not just an AR Instagram filter, let’s make some racket

— this zine isn’t just me, get involved: submit your gigs for free and get it in the paper

— if you want to submit a written piece, photos, cartoons, puzzles or interviews, please get in contact: – in past issues we’ve had vox pops, crossword puzzles, illustrations and a walk around Yorkshire Sculpture Park

— make your own kind of music, “punk” is a music genre but what that entails is up to you

— find us on social media (@anothersubculture or @thepunkpaper); buy a tote bag, a badge, a zine here

“The NEW WAVE is like a spring clean. You were prepared to throw out the rubbish in your wardrobe and your record collection. So why not chuck out all the prides & prejudices cluttering up your personality???” (Pete Shelley, Plaything #2)

Published on May 15, 2019