A Music Magazine, video zines for rectangle music

Evening, paper punks. Once again a little late with the monthly reminders but glad to say that February’s Another Subculture listings has been mailed, distributed and soaked in Signature Brew (and why is it always them?) over the past few days. Back in its original A3 form, it can be found in record shops, the odd gig (see you at The Tubs on Wednesday) and in the letterboxes of subscribers. You can still download the listings and keep up to speed on Instagram, but the back page will wait until next month to go online. Incentives!

For March, expect another interview, the return of Creg Clarrrk‘s Out and About column and whatever else is fit to print. Get your events in over the next fortnight, get in contact if you would like to place an ad (£25 for a business card sized graphic, £1 for a classified; email me!) and if you have some news to share – a fundraiser, a book group, a new reason to buy a skateboard – I want to get it out there.

A wet fanzine

A quick recommendation: I picked up the first issue of A Music Magazine at their launch on Saturday and if you dug whatever Alternative Strategies was trying to achieve then you’ll enjoy this – that desire to get down whatever underground music looks like in London despite everything is in abundance here. Editors isa and Nova have gotten together people like Powerplant, Orazio Argentero (of paddywaK and Vaermina), Middleman, Mo’min Swaitat (of the Palestinian Sound Archive) and mixing up the pages in a way that’s sort of both digital and cut and paste (literally, the masthead is taped in!) giving the whole thing a buzz. Top stuff – now I’m not sure if it’s online yet, so just follow them on the usual place and keep an eye out. You can always read The London Drinker while waiting.

A fanzine about wet and dry pubs

Finally, three videos. Hillsy‘s December 2023 video zine; this month’s cover stars Catastrophe filmed by the enigmatic SPUDVIDZ; Physique in Los Angeles uploaded earlier this evening by Ponoma, CA’s Torquer. All capturing contemporary Hardcore on charity shop tech (Hi-8, Digital8, Memory Stick, you get the idea), glorious:







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