A3 for £3

In February 2024 regular service will resume, and Another Subculture will return to its original listings form: A3, riso, listings one side/gossip the other. 

As a soft relaunch of sorts, for January I mocked up a new grid (with gigs that will still be appearing on Instagram every day, so sign up there) and stuck my artists’ impression of a Google map on the other (long story). If you want that and then every subsequent month of punk paper in your letterbox, then you need to subscribe to the AS Patreon.

The 2024 tariff is £3 a month, which covers the stamp and goes towards the printing costs of the zine. Riso ink and recycled paper going forward; I’m not printing these at work anymore! Your subscription will be appreciated, and as you have probably gathered this is a non-profit, spare time sort of thing so to know there’s a bundle of people I can mail these to is top stuff. There will still be stockists across town as well, and if you see me at a gig please take copies off my hands, but this is the best way to guarantee your fridge/pocket/compost heap is happy.

As ever too: if you want to get involved in helping me with Another Subculture, or have a suggestion for the other side, give me an email or a DM.


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