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May 2022: this page needs updating. Check back when I’m done folding and stapling.

YOUR PUNK HERE. Another Subculture in 2021 is an attempt to gather as many punk, DIY and DIY punk gigs and events that can fit on a calendar, giving you an idea of where to dance and pogo and pour a beer on your phone without needing the right follows on the same three websites. We did this in 2019, and then that thing happened, so we’re starting afresh with a broader outlook: every month expect to find gigs, virtual events, radio recommendations, good club nights and other events that will give you a headache and some new friends.


Another Subculture has been a cassette magazine, a listings sheet and currently an inkjet newsletter; all three are attempts to cover the past, present, future of DIY punky in London and beyond.

Another Subculture launched as a print zine in July 2019 as a monthly one-sheet covering as many punk, DIY and DIY punk gig happening in the capital in that given month, with interviews, columns, photos, crossword puzzles and personal ads on the back page. 300 copies (as risographed by the wonderful Studio Operative) and a PDF to save on your phone or stuff into your bag so you didn’t have to worry about being in the right Facebook group or social mileau to enjoy all the jangle, pogo and bad moshing in your area. Eight issues have so far been produced – July to December 2019 along with February and March 2020.

The zine will return when the gigs return – at least, that’s the plan. In the meantime, subscribe to Alternative Strategies for continuing dispatches from Creg and Reid, interviews, guest columns and mail art, from my printer to your door. Proceeds from each issue will be distributed to benefits, bail and hardship funds throughout the crises.

V1 #1: July 2019 (the first edition)

V1 #2: August 2019 (the holiday edition)

V1 #3: September 2019 (the new abnormal edition)

V1 #4: October 2019 (the spooky edition)

V1 #5: November 2019 (the bonfire edition)

V1 #6: December 2019 (socialism or barbarism edition)

V2 #1: February 2020 (Make Your Own Kind Of Music)

V2 #2: March 2020 (Cut it, Press it, Distribute it)

Before all this, in 2013 I put together an accidentally annual series of cassette magazines, under the Another Subculture name and inspired by Australia’s Fast Forward, with an aim to interview some local DIY legends and raise money for DIY Space for London. Over the course of three tapes there are interviews with the Instant Automatons (Scunthorpe’s greatest cultural export), the UV Race, Made Possible By Squatting, Dawn of Humans, S.H.I.T., Sheer Mag, Katie Alice Greer, Big Joanie and Chris Bress, amongst tracks from the leading lights of the Power Lunches era. I am drunk in most of these recordings. All three issues are on Bandcamp for you to download and enjoy free of charge.

Another Subculture 1 (2013, C60)

This is a tape magazine. Sixty minutes of DIY evidence, past and present, from London and South Humberside. On this first issue: interviews with INSTANT AUTOMATONS, MATT KORVETTE (Pissed Jeans/Yellow Green Red) and two contributors to the recent MADE POSSIBLE BY SQUATTING exhibition, Matt and Bryony Beynon. There’s also music from WOOLF, THE LOVE TRIANGLE, GOOD THROB, COP, FRAU, SHOPPING, WEIRD MENACE, FAMILY OUTING and HYGIENE.

The first cassette, financed through Jobseekers Allowance as I ferried between Scunthorpe, Lewes and Power Lunches. First forays into Tapeline orders and assembling a hundred cassettes on Lilford Road.

The interview with Mark Automaton remains one of my greatest achievements and I recommend his autobiography, The Luxury of Dreams, for an insight into the Messthetics scene of old. The Made Possible By Squatting exhibition was held in the summer of 2013, amongst the ongoing campaign to criminalise squatting in the UK by the coalition government of the time. Of the bands featured, Hygiene, Shopping and Woolf remain.

Another Subculture 2 (2014, C90)

One more. A C90 full of assorted punky, with proceeds after assembly costs and fees going to DIY Space For London. On Side A, interviews with Melbourne’s UV RACE and Richard Phoenix of CONSTANT FLUX, with music from SNOB, BIG JOANIE, WITCHING WAVES, PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPAIVAT, MONOTONY and THE LOWEST FORM. Side B contains evidence of last month’s STATIC SHOCK WEEKEND, with input from DAWN OF HUMANS, S.H.I.T., RAKTA, NO FORM and much more. 100 copies.

A whole 90 minutes, pure hubris. The UV Race remain one of my favourite bands; Al still refers to me as ‘Scunthorpe’. Constant Flux has since wound down but Richard is still active in Heart n Soul, an excellent Deptford-based arts charity that organises and supports artists and musicians with learning disabilities; Phoenix’s DIY as Privilege pamphlet is an essential read.

The second side was the beginning of my phase of “take recorder, interview friends, keep drinking,” which I’m not entirely sure I’d go through with these days. It would also be a few years before I would begin recording sets with a functioning microphone.

Another Subculture 3 (2015, C60)

London’s most popular (and only) cassette magazine returns in 2015. Alongside the usual selection of UK punky’s finest (including exclusives from freak punks SEMI, No Form side-project BAD MANIFEST and Bristol punk poppers CARAMEL), there are interviews from the first three months of DIY SPACE FOR LONDON’s existance.

Side A: KATIE ALICE GREER talks about the need for autonomous spaces, ANDY JONES gets excited about the new wave, HATE FILLED KIDS and MARCUS GILES get moshed through a table and SHEER MAG talk about their synth pop doppelganger. Music from SEMI, CIANURO, SONIC ORDER, BAD MANIFEST (members of NO FORM) and BORDER.

Side B: As NO end their five years of performing like their instruments were falling part, TOM HALL sums up their trajectory, STRIKE! MAGAZINE celebrate their anthology launch, BIG JOANIE reveal their plans for world domination and there is merchandise speculation from CHRIS BRESS (THE LOWEST FORM), ELLIE ROBERTS (GOOD THROB) and TOTAL CONTROL. Music from CARAMEL, EFIALTIS, NO, GLOSS REJECTION and ACTUAL CRIMES.

DIY Space for London‘s first three months are covered on this cassette, with an attempt to cover the various scenes and events that had begun to coalesce around the venue. A few exclusives in the mix too.