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Alternative Strategies plus pint, cash box

“The NEW WAVE is like a spring clean. You were prepared to throw out the rubbish in your wardrobe and your record collection. So why not chuck out all the prides & prejudices cluttering up your personality???” Pete Shelley, Plaything #2

Another Subculture has been putting out cassette magazines, gig listings and wallet destroying pandemic printer zines since 2013, trying to signal boost London DIY punk and hardcore in whatever format makes sense at the time.

In 2024, the plan is to create monthly A3 newsletters that combine a comprehensive listing of punk, hardcore, DIY, weirdo and perhaps radical gigs & events in London with reports, photos and gossip from what’s been going on, all on a big fun page that you can put in your pocket, fridge or turn into compost. The listings are always free online, the paper is free if you find it and only a few quid a month for those who like some punk post

2023’s listings covered nearly 600 events in 89 venues across the city; companion zine Alternative Strategies published columns, interviews (with Static Shock Records, First Timers, Liz Pelly, Juliet Jacques, Spencer Ackerman along with bands such as The Annihilated, Sniffany and the Nits, adults and Powerplant), comics and photos from across the scene in the chaos that is the early 2020s. 

Ben Perkins is your editor. He can also be found on Balamii as one half of Repetitive Strain, with more racket in the pipeline. 

If you wish to get in contact, fill out this form; go to the Submit Your Event page if you want to send through your gig. If you are looking for another city’s DIY events calendar, NYC Noise has a great guide; if you’re in cyberspace then bookmark DIY Listings London; there’s plenty of overlap and there is also an HTML template for you to make one for your own city… 


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