February 2024: listings, news, ads wanted

I am working on the February 2024 edition of Another Subculture – going back to the original A3 riso newsletter combo – and if you have anything you’d like included on the back page you have a week to send it through. We’re talking:

  • Gig listings – use the submit form here.
  • “News”, classifieds, signal boosts – there will be a column with news of upcoming events, releases, campaigns, fundraisers and the like – as long as it’s from Punk World and is ideally non-profit. Expect to see venues new and old popping up in here in the coming months. Email hello@anothersubculture.co.uk with your tips.
  • Classified adverts – bringing back an idea from 2019 here: give me a pound and whatever you put in the description on PayPal I will print like it’s the back of the NME in 1997.
  • Regular adverts – as always, to help with the printing and postage now I’ve given up the work photocopier. Email me if you’re interested.

Your deadline for all of the above: a week today, Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

I’m going to my first gigs of the year with a digital camera and a Voice Memos app, there could be some vox pops, there is room for interviews and columns too if that takes your fancy. The idea is to get back to something like this, the February 2020 issue (GIF below) – you’ve got to cover what’s happening, right?

February 2020's Another Subculture

(I still have so many March 2020 ones, good god.)

If you require more reading between now and next month, the Foundation Vinyl newsletter has been brilliant in covering new hardcore releases, plus there’s a great interview with Lenny from Sister Midnight which covers how tantalisingly close they are to getting the Catford venue ready to go.

Fellow freesheet SELout is also a lot of fun and there’s certainly overlap with the more post punk fuzzy indie side to what I’m into, plus it’s nice to see bands calling other bands dickheads, again like the NME in etc etc. Find that in pubs across south east London every month or so…

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