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Keep circulating the tapes: The Hillsy Video Zine

B. HILLS (LAST AFFRONT, CHURCHGOERS) has started a monthly YouTube zine full of recent performances and fast food thumbs up, and as a fan of multimedia hardcore zines (on VHS  like Torquer or online like Nozin’ Aroun’ and current favourite @SPUDVIDZ), it comes recommended if you want a slice of UK punk on the air. A quick chat:

AS: First of all, this is your gig. How’s it been?

Hillsy: It’s been pretty good. Took me two hours in a car to get here but since I got here, everything’s ran smoothly. Started a little late but otherwise, all been good.

AS: In layman’s terms, explain the Video Zine

Hillsy: So Hillsy’s Video Zine is a collection of bands I film, usually I end up doing like two food reviews. Just film little clips of people doing random things, sometimes as well. There’s not a massive concept behind it it’s a very flexible format, it can be whatever it wants to be! It’s just mixing people who are about with me doing stupid shit that people have asked me to do for ages! And then bands because yeah, it’s fun, I really like video zines and no one really does them, so I thought it’d be great to do!

AS: What are your favourite video zines?

Hillsy: I really like the old Flipside zines, the Target Videos, there’s one ABC No Rio zine from 1990, it has CITIZENS ARREST, it’s got RORSCHACH footage… Inward Monitor, that’s what it’s called! That’s enough details that anyone can find that on YouTube.

AS: What’s been the favourite snack to review so far?

Hillsy: My favourite food that I’ve eaten for the zine? It’s the classic one but I love Taco Bell to be honest. You can’t go wrong with it, it was my first time eating the fake meats, it was pretty, pretty good. Taco Bell is a favourite. Churros in Brighton, you can’t go wrong. They’re not perfect but you can’t go wrong with eating a churro on a pier!

AS: They did look tasty, but it also looked like you were absolutely freezing eating those…

Hillsy: Oh yeah, in the churro scene it was freezing in Brighton and the wind was very violent on the pier, that’s why I had to subtitle the whole thing. You know, it was brutal but Life is Pain, as MERAUDER says.

AS: What camera is that? Looks like the sort of camcorder from back when I was a kid. Is it Hi-8, does it have tapes…?

Hillsy: Yes, it’s a MiniDV camera. It’s a JVC, I think it’s a DVL320U.

AS: Before I let you go, how is this year looking for you and the world?

Hillsy: You know, it’s all about scene one, it’s all about moshing, it’s all about old school hardcore Punk, it’s about the revival of DIY ethics. It’s about chillin’, rocking out, being friends, maybe being friends and just enjoy good old guitar rock music.

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