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Listings upon listings, Super Unison

Use this form to submit your event for consideration in the next Another Subculture calendar zine. As a rule, please submit a week before the month the gig’s taking place in order to guarantee inclusion, and give us all the information you can in the form below.

Encouraged: small gigs, punk and hardcore (whatever that means to you), weirdo music, experimental nights, club nights that are LGBTQIA+ friendly, events with affordable pricing options, screenings, zine fairs, outdoor events, matinees, benefits for radical causes, ridiculous line-ups.

Discouraged: anything or any band that espouses racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise discriminatory rhetoric, gigs at venues over 500 capacity, gigs promoted by major booking agencies, reunion heavy line-ups, adverts for shoes.

That said, if it looks good and fits well amongst the other events in the zine, it’s going in. Anything that appeals to the Punk Rocker and the Hooded Mosher, or anything that encourages demystification and participation in your music scene, that’s what we’re talking about.


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