Alternative Strategies #2 is looking for submissions, letters, adverts and any/all ideas that illustrate the world of London Loud Noises.

With the success of issue one (there are ten copies left in my possession and you can find a copy in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Nantes and San Diego – with some of those stockists running out fast!) we’ve had some great ideas and plans are afoot to get them in your hands, with a prospective ‘on the table’ deadline of Static Shock Festival and a printing deadline of mid-August. 32+ pages, a couple of surprises and a new colour scheme. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • WE ARE LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS of band interviews, photography, columns and anything else that is fit to print and is connected, however tangentially, to the punk, hardcore and DIY scenes of London and beyond. Minimum of 250 words or half an A4 page, can be original or syndicated (or bootlegged in a convincing style) and could fit in nicely with what has been published in issue one and the back pages of Another Subculture’s listings zines. All expenses will be covered (photo development, art materials, that sort of thing – I will not be paying for your train tickets to Glasgow, at least not yet.)
  • WE WOULD ALSO LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK and a letters page will be featured in the zine if there are letters coming our way. Gossip, Points of View-style feedback on previous work, rude poems, guitar tabs, you name it. Remember how Maximum Rocknoll’s correspondence was fruitful, intruiging and occasionally descended into chaos? We’d like two of those, please.
  • WE ARE TAKING ADVERTISEMENTS FROM ISSUE TWO. Simple reason: to offset the costs of printing and give Ben’s credit card a breather, and build towards a situation where profit appears and gets distributed to everyone involved in the creation of the zine. (Issue one’s revenue went straight back into paying off the costs – we’re just about breaking even, somehow?) If you run a record label, another zine or distro, or have a festival or gig coming up in the longer term that you want several hundred paper punks to catch up on, then this is for you. 1/4 of an A4 page for £25 per issue, going up to £100 for a full A4 page.

You have until Friday 15th July to pitch for the summer issue.

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