Photo bin: Internal/Growth gig, 25.03.2023

East London location, 7-11pm, £5otd*. All ages.

One more strip of 110 film from the Internal Object/Cryptic Growth gig in a warehouse in Hackney Wick. Watching pits form in a combination gallery and Escher-drawing living space as the singer of Frisk swung from a punchbag, all as The Devil Himself (complete with projector eyes) looked down, was exquisite – the sort of night you’d see more often a decade ago.

The night featured both noise-ridden Hardcore (Circle None, Skitter, Turbo and Frisk in order from top of the page to the bottom) and radical talk interludes from (according to the flyer) Y.A.N.G., Tallulah Griffith, Gee Sinha and Hari Chauhan, all around the theme of reminding the attendees of how subcultural spaces have nurtured radical action over the decades. I talked to John Weston about this on the roof that night; you can read this in Alternative Strategies #3. Cautiously optimistic. More photos are being taken, I might even learn how to point in the right direction…

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