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Alternative Strategies: Spring issue out now

Another Subculture becomes Alternative Strategies, a quarterly zine with 32 pages of interviews done outside venues and over powerlines, features on Pico-8s, cameo appearances and pop epiphanies, new routes to New River Studios and a cycle through the red metropolis.

32 pages of punk paper. Interviews with Brainrotter Records, Gob Nation, SUEP, Flo Dill (NTS) and Alex Shen (Marbled Eye, Lower Grand Radio); new writing by Creg Clarrrk, Elena Colman, Ben Haggar, Satori Kurosawa, Heather McIntosh & Ben Perkins, and photography by Karim Newble and Alex Wickenden. The front cover is by Tommy Brentnall.

Edition of 200, red and black riso, printed by Pagemasters in New Cross (no inkjets, thank goodness).

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While work on Alternative Strategies #2 continues apace, the grid of gigs returns. A bit more back to basis this timearound (A4, laser printer, neon paper) but with 30+ reasons to get your ears turned out, including outdoor and online events. There will also be moon phases, holidays (and strike dates) for your diary. Everyone’s a winner!

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Another Subculture put on our first Alternative Strategies Afternoon at the Avalon Cafe on Sunday 26th June 2022, and luckily for you we livestreamed the whole thing. Click above and watch sets from Vanity Crystal, Fluid Tower, Skitter, Middleman and Sniffany & The Nits.

An Animal Crossing screenshot showing the editor at a drum kit, wearing a virtual Chubby and the Gang T-shirt.

Another Subculture has been putting out cassette magazines, gig listings and wallet destroying pandemic printer zines since 2013, trying to signal boost London DIY punk and hardcore in whatever format makes sense at the time. 2019-21 saw monthly calendars with details of hundreds of gigs all across the capital. At the moment, we’re giving fanzines and gigs another go, seeing where punk world is twisting and turning in London and further afield. IT IS PUNK TIME.


“The NEW WAVE is like a spring clean. You were prepared to throw out the rubbish in your wardrobe and your record collection. So why not chuck out all the prides & prejudices cluttering up your personality???” (Pete Shelley, Plaything #2)