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October 2021 issue out now - all tricks, all treats

Lots of noises for the Samhain season. This month includes over 40 events, gigs, streams and radio recommendations, along with an interview with Sister Midnight Records as they gear up to save The Ravensbourne Arms and bring a DIY venue back to south London. Plus, photos by Carl Farrugia from last month's summer skate jam at Folkestone Gardens, the return of Out and About with Creg Clarrrk and, of course, my regards to East Street.

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Punk time, every month, let’s see, etc

An Animal Crossing screenshot showing the editor at a drum kit, wearing a virtual Chubby and the Gang T-shirt.

Another Subculture is London’s monthly punk newsletter, attempting to collate as many gigs, nights and events that can fit on a calendar and giving you an idea of where to find repetitive hardcore music without needing to follow the right accounts on the same three websites. Each issue also contains recommendations, regular columns and interviews from all sorts of contributors on the back page. We did this starting in 2019, covering hundreds of gigs across scenes and noises, and now the pandemic might (might?) be waning it’s time to see what’s still about.

Between July 2019 and March 2020 we listed 261 gigs at over thirty venues across the city, keeping to a policy of “punk” and “DIY” live music events only, whatever those terms mean after four decades. We’re continuing where we left off with the addition of a broader criteria of events as we return to IRL – we now want your zine launches, exhibitions, practice room open days, protests, club nights and anything else that’s fit to pit. We are also keen to signal boost online streaming events, whether they are solely a web event or a simulcast of a live gig. Submit your events here or give us a DM. 

This month, we’re looking forward to weekends on the Surrey Canal Road and wondering whether someone will pit through a window during UKHC Returns.

“The NEW WAVE is like a spring clean. You were prepared to throw out the rubbish in your wardrobe and your record collection. So why not chuck out all the prides & prejudices cluttering up your personality???” (Pete Shelley, Plaything #2)