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June 2024's grid of gigs is available to download – 75+ nights, days, screenings, club nights, punk + hardcore + post punk + indie pop + metal + ????. At the top: Fluid Tower in an art gallery along with what I should best call 'an observation'. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 18th June.

The paper is A3, the ink is MZ-770 Bright Red & Orange and print copies include chats with favourites new and old: Dead Name and Marcel Wave, who are both playing in town this month.

To make sure that your event is in the July 2024 calendar, please submit by Friday 21st June.

Punk in the post

The Another Subculture subscription card

Let’s keep some regularity going. This June, subscriptions are open once again for those who want a year’s gig listings through their letterbox, would prefer paying for it in one go and would like their name on a membership card just like the Beano days.

For £25 you receive:

  • Another Subculture listings posted every month, from June 2024 until May 2025
  • A subscriber card – with your name Letrasetted on – which may become useful down the line.

Archive Interviews

Hands across the borough: Lambeth Mutual Aid

A chat with the solidarity group as they build up funds and put on gigs. From the May 2024 issue.

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Archive Features

Music from memory: Q1 2024

The first three months of gig reviews, from the April 2024 issue, some more lucid than others.

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Archive Interviews

Friendships Made In The Pit: Static Shock Weekend

After the dust settled on the final weekend, a chat with TOM ELLIS about putting on punk Christmas. (From Alternative Strategies #4).

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Archive Interviews

Damage (Is Done) Report

Talking to the collective behind March’s hardcore convention about how to put on a racket despite the city’s best intentions. From the March 2024 issue.

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Archive Interviews

Keep circulating the tapes: The Hillsy Video Zine

A post-gig vox pop about B. Hills’ hardcore video. From February 2024.

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