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February 2024's grid of gigs is available to download – 64 nights, days, screenings, club nights, punk + hardcore + post punk + indie pop + metal for the last month of winter. At the top: Catastrophe.

From this month, the paper is A3, the ink is MZ-770 Bright Red and there's a back page full of news and gossip that you won't find online.

For February, I interviewed Liv Wynter about Matchstick Piehouse, and Hillsy about their YouTube antics. There's some photos from my first gig of the year and a news round up too. Pick up a copy at a few of these places and let me know what you reckon...

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The latest Alternative Strategies

Final copies! Alternative Strategies is back for the final issue of 2023. Buy the latest issue now or find a stockist.

Static Shock Weekend is remembered through a post-festival pint with Tom Ellis and photos and art from Leigh Arthur & Lukas Fraser; we interview Juliet Jacques about her new play We Need To Talk, the headrush that was 2017 and the usefulness of post punk forty years on; PC World’s William Dante Deacon interviews Michael Molcher about the links between Judge Dredd, Mega-City One and the history and affect of British policing.

There are also exclusive comics from JMKE, Jonny Brokenbrow, Leomi Sadler & Richard Short plus columns from Tom Oberst and Creg Clarrrk. Dig in, read, make your own...


Archive Photos

Photo bin: Another Subculture is 10, 24.11.2023 & 25.11.2023

A weekend to remember, as recorded on a 512MB Memory Stick.

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Archive Photos

Photo bin: Internal/Growth gig, 25.03.2023

FRISK, SKITTER, TURBO, CIRCLE NONE East London location, 7-11pm, £5otd*. All ages. One more strip of 110 film from the Internal Object/Cryptic Growth gig in a warehouse in Hackney Wick. Watching pits form in a combination gallery and Escher-drawing living space as the singer of Frisk swung from a punchbag, all as The Devil Himself […]

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Archive Photos

Photo bin: Submission to Annihilation, 03.02.2023

Attempts at photographs at a launch show to remember. As seen in AS #3.

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Archive Interviews

Constant Companion: Flo Dill, The NTS Breakfast Show

Flo Dill has been an integral part of Dalston’s NTS ever since she first went in Flo Motion six years ago. Now she runs the breakfast show (Mon-Wed) and has curated Perfect Motion, a new DIY pop comp. Here’s a chat from the first issue of Alternative Strategies, which took place in April 2022: AS: […]

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Creg Clarrrk with our apparatus for streaming the Avalon Cafe night (Zoom mic, tripod, laptop, vibes).

Archive Features

Streaming Is Punk: how to broadcast a gig

From the latest issue of Alternative Strategies, our quick guide to how Another Subculture streamed their first gig since lockdown.

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Alex S, waiting to get plugged in.

Archive Interviews

Music for Leisure: Alex S, Lower Grand Radio

In Oakland, Lower Grand Radio is the city’s go-to community net radio, founded by Alexander Shen (Marbled Eye). Victoria Porter (Vanity Crystal, Repetitive Strain) & AS made a long distance call and caught up with him.

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